• Aren’t these devices old and used?
    While it is true refurbished devices are not off-the-shelf brand new devices, a majority of them are sparsely used and are in excellent condition functionally and aesthetically.
    That apart, to meet your standards, our rigorous screening process ensures only the very best refurbished devices go to our customers.

  • What comes with the device
    Laptop in iService Box, Charger and Protective Sleeve

  • Is this an original device?

  Yes absolutely

  • Why does it take 7-10 days to ship these
    Refurbished devices are in high demand. Factors that contribute to this shipping time is the rigorous QC and qualification process.
    However, we are constantly working with our suppliers and logistics partners to bring  ths down.

  • How long will my laptop last

Refurbished laptops last as long as new laptops. There will not be any deficiency in experience and life of laptop. New owners of these laptops include tech companies, designers, casual browsers, gamers etc

Whats covered under the warranty

  • Lines on LCD or LCD flickering issues or non-responsive LCD issues

  • Keyboard keys unresponsive, keyboard not working, trackpad unresponsive

  • charging port not functioning

  • Audio issues - Motherboard audio chip repairs 

  • Audio issues - Speakers issues

  • SSD issues - Device booting slow, device heating up, device not booting at all 

  • Fan and heating issues

  • Board level repairs - Power circuitry issues, voltage issues, short-circuiting issues

  • Board level repairs - component failures and malfunctions 

  • Software issues - Upgrading and rollback of OS / Formatting and reinstallation etc 

How do I avail this warranty

Exercising the warranty is simple - Please walk in to any of our service centers and present your device. 
Alternatively, you may also choose to have your device picked up from your home or office. Please visit www.iservice.co.in/repair to book a repair and pickup slot. 
There is no need to present any document during this process to avail your warranty. 

Whats not covered under this warranty

Issues arising due to physical damage, liquid damage, theft or severe natural calamities are not covered under this warranty. 

Who are the people using your refurbished laptops

Top tech startups in Bangalore and elsewhere are proud users of our refurbished MacBooks and Windows Laptops. Their development, design, sales and ops teams use our laptops. 
We have also supplied thousands of devices to individuals, freelancers, enthusiasts from all professional and personal backgrounds. 
Your purchase is backed by a trusted warranty service and also a 7 day no questions asked return.